Project Planning & Execution
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mySAP Industry Solutions
mySAP Industry Solutions provide industry specific functionality around which many global corporations have re-engineered their business processes.  Capitalizing on its extensive experience, PrPX can help customers implement Engineering & Construction and Aerospace & Defense Industry Solutions with confidence, while minimizing risks.
What clients say about PrPX
Hatch Engineering & Construction has successfully implemented SAP PS/FI/CO/HR/SD modules in 9 months.  PrPX has led the PS team during this aggressive and extremely successful implementation.  PrPX led the legacy project conversion task which converted 3,000+ projects from old legacy systems into SAP 4.6C PS module.  Hatch will be presenting its success story at ASUG and Sapphire 2003.
Korea Hydro Nuclear Power
Korea's largest provider of electricity went live with SAP PS/PM/FI/CO/HR modules in 14 months.  PrPX helped define the PS landscape during the early stage of the implementation.  KHNP will present its success story at Sapphire 2003.
Suncor is a leading Canadian energy firm and is currently implementing SAP.  PRPX worked with SAP Canada to participate in a Proof of Concept to demonstrate to Suncor SAP Engineering & Construction solution capability.
Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin, one of the leading Aerospace & Defense companies globally, is using SAP in various parts to manage projects and execute contracts.
Project Planning & Execution